I love summer.

It took me a long time to realize just how much, being an Oregon native long ago transplanted to California and basically conditioned to defend gloomy weather to maintain my "Oregon Cred," but now I can't deny it. Summer makes me incredibly happy, for reasons too numerous to count.

But here are some reasons, anyway, because I also love to wax poetic: I love the warmth. I love how somehow, anything and everything seems possible on a summer day. I love how summer makes you feel like all bets are off. I love the feeling of a warm breeze on my skin. I love how the rules of daily life seem looser, like they may actually no longer apply. It's like a months-long hall pass.

I've written about this before, but from the depths of winter, a time where I often despair. I am so thrilled that summer is rushing in now, that my favorite time of the year is finally here. I know that summer in San Francisco can be a bit dicey, but I work in the east bay, so at least I can expect more sunshine during the day.

...and, of course, as soon as I wrote the above (yesterday), the forecast took a dive. It might even rain on Friday (whattttt). Not unheard of for late spring in the bay area, certainly, but it isn't super common.

So what about summer, then? What are you looking forward to doing? Here's my summer wish list:
  • Lots (and lots and lots!) of swimming; in San Francisco & Berkeley (Strawberry Canyon)
  • Sunny weekend picnics in Dolores Park with strawberries & a bottle of wine
  • Long scooter rides with Scott
  • SF street fairs -- Haight Street Fair, Rock Make Music Festival, Castro Street Fair, Pride ...!
  • Not needing to wear a coat when I go to work (only on the warmest days!)
  • Summer concert series like the Stern Grove Festival 
  • Maybe (maybe!) even a beach trip (I would really love to do this this year)
  • Warm, sunny runs along the Embarcadero
  • Summer produce at the farmers market (tomatoes, YES PLEASE!!!)
It's going to be a great summer. I know that summer always reminds me of when I was a kid, but I'm going to enjoy this adult summer just as much. Who says you have to ever totally grow up? 


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