Pinterest Thursday: Maps

I love maps. You know that. if you've been reading this blog for  any amount of time or know me in person. I'm a geography nerd, to the point where I got a degree in it. I accidentally typed my name in an internet form today as "Amber Geography" instead of "Amber Gregory." No shame! It was actually hilarious. & typical.

For reasons that are probably dumb, I have logged back on to Pinterest in spite of the myriad reservations I have about it right now, and I'm just going to be super careful about what I post, and not overdo it. I won't post something that doesn't have a source image, and I try not to ever actually link back to Pinterest when I post something already, so  who knows. I might decide not to do this again, but maybe it will work out.

Anyway: back to maps. Today's pins are all map-related. I hope you can see the beautiful subjectivity & art inherent in maps & appreciate that as much as I can. Enjoy.


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