Here, have some music

It looks like Drea shared her May sponsors post today (imagine that! On the last day of May!), so I am excited because that post brings me tons of new, if even momentary, new readers. Hi new readers! I hope you stick around.

I am really, really, really tired right now. I'm having a great and interesting week, but I am really worn out. I am really excited about June, my birthday month and therefore the most awesome month of the year, starting tomorrow. I am excited about the now, and the future. These last few weeks I can usually be found in one of three places:

1) In front of the fish tank doing tests/changing water/spilling water everywhere/talking to crabs
2) Obsessing over Game of Thrones

... well, I guess that's two things, anyway. #loser

I haven't been going out much, is the point, and I like it that way, which is something I've been working a long time to be able to accept. Since my photography work is mostly at night, it's tough to tell myself that it's OK to have lulls, take breaks, and take care of life at home. Working on it.

Anywho, on that note, here's what I've been listening to in the merry month of May. It's an odd combination, but then again, so am I ... I guarantee you will be a better music lover if you listen to these songs, though. And yeah, sorry about being a snob. I just really love music. So yeah, you are required to rock out.

"It just hit me baby, no love ain't gonna save me but it ain't gonna hurt so tonight I'm gonna let you in"


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