Flag Day: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

So, I have something to say before I get into this week's flag. It has to do with the indie singer St. Vincent. I know she's very popular right now with the hip crowd, but I have a confession: I think you all are nuts. When I saw her perform at Treasure Island Music Festival last year, her music made me feel physically ill. I just can't stand that kind of stuff; it sounded like it would have fit right in at a lunchtime concert at Smith College (no offense to any of you who went to Smith, I have been there & loved everyone I met on my visit). Now, I fully admit that I might have been cranky or just not in the right head space during that performance. Which brings me to the other reason why I cannot find it within my heart to forgive St. Vincent ...

... she has destroyed possibly the greatest band name ever.

I mean, think about it. Her popularity has made it so that no one, at least not in the forseeable future, will be able to use the name Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The most frustrating part is that she could have done it, even! Her backing band, should she ever choose to have one, could yet be called The Grenadines! She would gain enormous amounts of cred with me if she did that. As it stands, I wait ... and think of this brilliant band name going to waste.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

But on to the flag of this island group, part of the Lesser Antilles. I've always loved this flag, and the flags of many other island groups, because of the ways in which they choose to symbolize each island.

In this case, note that there are three diamonds, one for each island in this island chain. The diamond references Saint Vincent's nickname as "gems of the Antilles." The lower diamond represents the island of Saint Vincent, while the upper diamonds symbolize the 2/3 of the Grenadines that are part of this country. The diamonds form a V-shape on the flag, which stands for Vincent (really, it does!). You would think that the diamonds would be more of a geographic representation, but I was proven wrong on that one. Then you've got your typical blue = ocean, yellow = sand and green = lush foliage motif.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (source)
I have to stop looking at all of these pictures of gorgeous islands every week; it isn't good for my health!

Happy Friday, everyone. Any exciting weekend plans? I'm just so thrilled its Friday.


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