Farmers Market Saturday

Wow, summer really is about to arrive at the farmers market.

Spring onions are rapidly becoming onions, green garlic is about to become "just" garlic, strawberries have been around for a few weeks already, blueberries have arrived ... and there are even some very early tomatoes around. However, I looked at both of the stands who have tomatoes already, and both have very small signs saying troubling things like "no pesticides!" and "chemical-free."  Those two statements do not mean organic. I am actually really upset that the farmers market allows these stands to sell produce, given that they are borderline misleading people, but I am not the one who makes these decisions, so I'm just trying to stay informed (and keep others informed). I wanted tomatoes this weekend as much as the next person, but I can't do conventionally grown tomatoes.

Other than Tomatogate 2012, the market was beautiful on Saturday. Amazingly gorgeous flowers, too. I went on a trip ostensibly to obtain only vegan doughnuts, but I ended up with gorgeous spring onions, too. Enjoy this week's peek into SF's Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.


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