Birthday Finery

Here is the dress I selected for my birthday this year. I don't buy clothes anymore, seriously, and last NYE was the last time I bought an item for myself, so its a rare and happy event. I don't know how it's going to look on me, but I am hopeful my good ModCloth luck will continue:

Source: the wonderful ModCloth

I love yellow, bold colors & polka dots, so this seems like a winner. Jinx? No jinx?

We'll see! Fingers crossed that it doesn't make me look like a washed out banana or worse, that I can't zip the damn thing up. I am not one to slink into a birthday wearing some muted color, no siree. I will update my adoring fans, who I know are just breathless with anticipation about whether the dress will make my ass look smaller, as soon as it arrives. 


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