30 before 30 update

Too bad I didn't put "become utterly obsessed with Instagram" on my 30 before 30 list ... I sure as hell have that one!

Happy Monday, internets! Confession: I should have been doing this more frequently all along. You know, checking in with myself. You know why? Well, because I have a feeling I'm not doing very well on this list. I might even get an F- on my report card!

  1. Visit a museum in San Francisco that isn't the Academy of Sciences on booze night -- No, in fact I haven't done this. This should be fairly easy, I live so close to the SF MOMA!
  2. Run at least two 5k races
  3. Attend the North Beach Festival (my birthday weekend!)
  4. Read at least 5 books — So far I've read 1 book. 4 to go!
  5. Clean out my personal email inbox to 0 — I am working on this and am below 400 for the first time in recent memory. On track to finish this one!
  6. Get a new sparkly silver wig — Looking for this. Hard to find!
  7. Have a picnic at Dolores Park
  8. Ride a bicycle at Sunday Streets
  9. Buy new ear buds & get my iPod working again
  10. Get a concrete savings plan in place for purchasing a new camera
  11. Fix the print spooler on my desktop computer at home
  12. Start using a to-do list system at work & stick to it
  13. Participate in an art show
  14. Run on Kezar Stadium's track
  15. Return to the SF Zen Center to meditate at least once
  16. Make good on some of my promises to help out Triggerfish Marketing
  17. Sew up & polish my Italy purse
  18. Obtain my drivers license (!) (danger zone!) — This isn't going to happen, and it was arguably the most important item on the list. Fail.
  19. Enter a photography contest
  20. Visit the San Francisco Zoo
  21. Procure the perfect 30th birthday celebration outfit 
  22. Get at least one haircut, preferably two — I haven't even gotten one yet!
  23. Donate at least one box of clothes to Goodwill — I have a bag of clothes & shoes ready to go to Goodwill. I just need to sort and account for all of them, then take them in.
  24. Go on one hike a month through at least June
  25. Upgrade & redesign my photography blog
  26. Finish playing Dragon Age II and move on to Skyrim OR Mass Effect 3
  27. Make more of an effort to hang out with estranged/distant friends 
  28. Go swimming at Strawberry Canyon pool when "fake summer" happens this spring — I didn't do this due to the situation with my new job, but I did go swimming a bunch at my local gym's rooftop pool.
  29. Shoot the Masonic Stage at the Haight Street Fair for the 3rd year in a row
  30. Plan my birthday trip to Monterey & Pacific Grove — This hasn't happened yet because I can't go before July, as it turns out, so this trip may not happen. That's life. That's being an adult.

Yeah, so , definitely not doing well on this list. I hope that checking in with myself will have a positive impact on my motivation. I certainly feel good about reading and playing video games and getting on a bicycle and all that jazz (!) between now and 6/17, so please wish me luck.

And again, happy Monday  


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