I really want to do more cooking posts.

It amazes me how much just switching positions at work has thrown me off my entire schedule. And I do mean everything feels different; I used to have a rhythm going with blogging, and now I don't, and its all because everything feels like its changed now. I want some kind of routine again. It's been a rough adjustment, and its nowhere near over, and there may be more major change on the horizon and ... argh. I'm really tired, ok? I just want things to go back to normal, but I have a feeling they never will again. There is a New Normal in town, and I need to figure out how to get used to it.

My April 2012 desktop at work; somehow completely fitting for how I feel right now

There is so much I want to do with this blog. I had many grand plans before this work upheaval thing happened, and now I'm feeling helpless and out of control. One thing I want to prioritize is cooking posts. I used to do more of these, and lately I've not had as much time to be inventive with cooking and as such I can't keep posting pictures of taco night & hope they excite the universe. They don't, though they do excite Scott and I (we do love our tacos!), and seeing as we're ramping up to summer produce now, I feel an urge to get some regular cooking/recipe features up here. After all, I eat every day, and I cook (pretty much) every day .... there should be some celebration & sharing to go along!

This weekend I am trying to plan lots of exercise and outdoor activities. If I have to have a new normal, then you can bet I'm going to try to shape it myself as much as humanly possible. 


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