I can't seem to find the words.

clouds yesterday: amazing // that berkeley bicycle // nighttime sf bokeh // artichokes // my setup last night on the couch in the living room // my life lately // strawberry creek // bancroft avenue, berkeley

I guess I didn't realize when I walked out of my old job for the last time last Wednesday and melodramatically tweeted "nothing will ever be the same," that I was actually right about that. But, as with most change, it is welcome and was needed even more than I'd dare let myself believe. I languished for far too long in that situation, and I am certain now that a great deal of the angst I've had about my life over the last couple of years has been directly traced to the job I held, which was a terrible fit for my personality, and yes, even a terrible fit for my skill set. I am so happy to be back somewhere I feel supported and to feel even a shred of confidence about myself again.

That said, I am still finding it difficult to maintain a work/life/sleep balance now that my routine has been thrown into chaos ... so until I have words again, it is far easier to communicate with photos. 


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