Flag Day: Cyprus

I think I've mentioned several times now that I quiz myself regularly on flag identification via an awesome app called GeoQuiz on my Android (nerd alert, I know). I am really pretty darn good at flag ID at this point, and I seem to have a visual memory for them that goes beyond practice. Maybe it's that I've been studying them my entire life?

Either way, there are some flags that always give me trouble, no matter how many times I see them. Some flags just look like other flags, I guess (and certain countries in Africa always, always trip me up).

This brings us to today's flag, which is an example of the complete polar opposite of those confusing striped flags that are all a variation on the same colors (Senegal, I'm looking at you ...). I've always thought that the flag of the Mediterranean, island nation of Cyprus is a dream for anyone taking a flag test, because they were kind enough to put a map of the country on the flag! As long as you know what Cyprus looks like (and I do, which probably means I am in the minority of modern, publicly-educated Americans, now that I think about it...rats), then you'll always know what it is.

Cyprus (Source: Wikipedia)

So thank you, Cyprus, for having such an awesome and easily deciphered flag. Sometimes I wish every flag had a map of the country printed on it, don't you? Oh yeah, and finally, I've decided that I simply must go to Cyprus right now: 
WHOA!!!!! GET ME TO AN AIRPLANE (Source: Tripadvisor)


  1. Not only the flag of Cyprus looks great :) You may get redirected here to learn everything you might have wanted to know about this amazing island. Cyprus is an ancient country blanketed by rugged mountains, beautiful castles and forts. I'm in love with it! Have you ever visited Cyprus on your own? Don't miss this chance, I'm sure you'll never forget this place.


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