Farmers Market Saturday

Yesterday I got to the farmers market even earlier than I usually do; I was there by 8:20am. It was a beautiful morning and actually pretty crowded; but the only people there at that time are the locals, the people who ONLY shop at the farmers market and so forth. I really admire the people who only shop at the farmers market; I hope to only do that myself someday, but it requires a great deal of planning, something that I'm just not very good at yet, in order not to waste money. Someday .... someday.

I hope you enjoy these photos. I'm going to be working today (yes, at the day job, in Berkeley ... ) and so I've spent the last week mourning the loss of my Sunday, but when it all comes down to it, I need to accept it and move on and just deal with it. Happy Sunday, internet!

I took this picture because I at first thought the farm was called "Cray Cray Canyon"


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