Farmers Market Saturday ... on a Friday

This is perhaps the worst ever: I'm just getting around to posting last week's farmers market recap, on a Friday night, the night before this week's farmers market trip. I guess the great thing is, the photos didn't "go bad" like some of the turnips in last week's CSA box (sorry, turnips); and you get a double whammy of farmers market photos this weekend. So really, it all works out for everybody! Right?

Spring has been going on here for a while now, and we're starting to get some of the first early summer produce, namely strawberries. The green garlic is getting larger & larger, and this week I could see for the first time that tiny cloves are forming in the bulbs. We're losing spring, when that happens. I'm trying to enjoy these fleeting spring moments while I can. We just got our first fava beans of the season this week in our CSA box, and I'm looking forward to saving them up over the next few weeks, all culminating in a fava bean soup sometime in May. They may be a pain in the ass to make, but fava beans taste good.

On that note, I'm heading out for my third night in a row of photography in just a little bit, so I need to cut the food talk short (sniff). Enjoy these shots from last Saturday's ferry plaza farmers market:


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