Stop the presses! This year Scott & I actually got it together enough to celebrate Easter. This has never, in the history of our relationship (8 years) happened before, and I am really proud of us. Yeah, I know. People who don't know how to find time to celebrate holidays? We're working on it. 

First, we colored eggs! I hadn't done this since childhood and I'm sure Scott hasn't either, although it only took five minutes into our decorating session to realize that Scott is a talented conceptual egg artist. As always, the overachiever...he was making magic, I'm telling you. I on the other hand, stuck to the basics. I wanted bright colors (florescent if possible) and only experimented on a couple of my eggs.

I'm taking professional photos of the eggs very soon (yes, I agreed to a shoot with each egg individually), and I'll post those here too, but for now here's a preview courtesy of Instagram:


We also made it to an Easter Mass yesterday, something we've never done together before. I really wanted to check out an Easter Mass because I'd been told it was really beautiful and happy, so we visited the nearest church to us, St. Patrick (the one across the street from the Metreon).

I'm glad we went, but it was ultimately a less satisfying Mass than I've ever been to. Too bad, considering it was Easter Sunday! The priest delivered a pretty weak homily, no one sang along with the hymns & it was incredibly crowded, made worse by inconsiderate people refusing to make room in half-empty pews. Mostly it was the first thing that made the difference, though. I didn't get a blessing from the priest for the first time, either--when the time came to take communion, the priest had several assistants doling out communion (or, for me, a non-Catholic, blessings) from strategic points along the pews. It was good, but I didn't get that really wonderful feeling of peace washing over me that I always get when a good priest does it. Oh well.

I'm still glad we went.

And OH, I forgot the absolute best part! I got hit in the eyeball with holy water! I was so excited. Seriously, this can only mean good things for my eye. And as my friend Jeff pointed out, I do use that eye as a photographer, so perhaps it was a "photographer's blessing" -- love it. 

Scott also made waffles yesterday, and they were really, really good:


Other than that, we were incredibly unproductive this weekend, and we'll be paying for it all week long. I was completely exhausted and wiped from TYPO all weekend, and don't feel anywhere near recovered, though at least I delivered the files last night. I have to take it easy this week ... but does that exist? I guess it has to... 


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