Achieving Stuff: April

March: in like a cat, out like a ... cat
Thank goodness it's another month. March was a bit rough on me, and it usually is, but this year it was a little harder to point out specific things about it that made it difficult. I accomplished some stuff but had no great victories, and I had some spectacular failures. The weather was the rainiest its been since last year, which I'm sure also had an impact on my general state of mind, and stress at work threw me even more off my game. Added to the emotional weight of my dad's birthday at the end of the month, and its no wonder I look back at March as the least awesome month of 2012 so far.

I'm just so happy its April.

This month, of course brings its own unique challenges, as does every month. Fact: life is hard! Life is not easy. Every day we are faced with choices that, large or small, help shape our future. It's not easy, and that's OK (something I've realized over the last month). This month will bring some changes at work that both excite and scare me. I need to get healthier and try harder to stay centered and balanced in everything I do. This year we won't be going to Coachella for the first time in eight years, something which I always thought would bother me more than it does. The times, they are a-changin'.

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

I've been looking forward to going over my goals from March, because I accomplished quite a bit, including finally getting that damn dresser cleaned out (though not everything fits in it, still, sigh), and keeping my house clean and changing my hours and getting healthy. Let's go!

March goal recap:

  • Make a dent in my 30 before 30 list —I am not doing as well with this as I should be. In fact, I went and looked at the list just now and now I'm panicking about it! I have been resting on my laurels! I only have 2.5 months left, and I really need to get going on this.
  • Finish cleaning out my dresser —I actually did this!
  • Finish cleaning my desk area — I still have a mess beneath the desk, but I did the rest!
  • Go up on the roof with the telescope at least once this month — Failure, but not for lack of trying. Scott & I both wanted this to happen but the weather just would.not.cooperate.
  • Go on a hike somewhere in the city — We tried to do this three times. Each time, it poured rain on the day we had scheduled, and we had to cancel it. This will happen in April.
  • Complete the 30 days of lists blog challenge — Done!
  • Go to the farmers market every Saturday —This was great and yum, we reaped the rewards. The only time I didn't go was the day of the Marine Mammal Center Run, because we were in Marin!
  • Go to sleep early & get up early — I achieved changing my work hours to 7:30am-4pm and have gotten on a really great sleep schedule: generally, I make it to bed around 10pm and wake up at 6am. My goal is to always get 8 hours of sleep. It's amazing how much better I feel!
  • Run 2x per week — This hasn't been happening, but I've averaged 1x per week so not too bad.
  • Stay healthy and don't get sick — It took me half the month to recover from the illness I contracted in early February. It was SUCH a pain, but now I am healthy again & plan to keep it that way. I've been taking my vitamins like a pro and really trying to eat / think healthy.
  • Keep the house clean — I've actually done a really good job at this, and I plan to keep it going. Starting some positive new habits in March really helped me get more of a handle on the cleaning.
  • Magazine purge / downstairs drawer purge — This didn't actually need to happen, after I spent some time looking at everything.
  • Plan my art show in June — Pushed the date back, so didn't really plan much of anything for it.

April goals:

  • Stop getting takeout — We are spending way too much money on takeout. I know it seems like I cook a lot, and I do, but man we are spending too much money on takeout somehow. I want to reduce this, preferably to zero. I love to cook and should always be on top of it.
  • Start saving money for camera gear — I'm starting a new percentage scheme where 20% of my earnings from photography jobs goes into a special savings account. I REALLY need to buy a new camera this year, so I have a lot of motivation.
  • Hang out with Zoe (my friend from high school who is living in SF for a few months)
  • Make a dent in my 30 before 30 list — Rent a bicycle. Go to the zoo. Visit the Zen Center. Do the things that are actually on the list. You know. Duh.
  • Finish cleaning my desk area — Clean up the mess beneath the desk.
  • Go up on the roof with the telescope at least once this month — I've scheduled another date. We're really going to make it happen this month.
  • Go on a hike somewhere in the city — Lands End, you will happen this month!
  • Go to the farmers market every Saturday — This has become such a great habit at this point. Why stop now, especially when spring has truly sprung?
  • Go to sleep early & get up early — This has done wonders for my happiness and productivity. I need to keep the habit going, though, and not revert back to my insomniac, nocturnal ways.
  • Run 2x per week — I need to start ramping it up this month in prep for Bay To Breakers in May.
  • Take clothes to Goodwill — This goes hand in hand with cleaning out under my desk.
  • Plan my art show in June — Pushed the date back, but need to go visit the space this month.

April: just keep movin' ....

Well, there we have it. What do you want to accomplish in April?


  1. Art show? Exciting! You'll have to tell me more about it sometime :)

    1. Once the details are secured, then I will tell you! I am superstitious like that. I want to sign a contract before I KNOW its going to happen.


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