Snapshots from a happy life

It's been a long time since I did a cell phone dump. Life has been beautiful lately, too. You know those moments where you can feel just how much the universe has your back? I've been feeling that these last few days here. What a relief.

Of course, its raining now again here, ruining pretty much all of our weekend plans, which mostly scheduled to take place outdoors. But oh well; there's something really nice about being cozy inside with the fire on, and cats curled up on the couch, so I'm not really complaining. Plus, it looks like this stormy pattern is here for the long haul (so nice of winter to finally show up!) so I better get used to it.

But on to some (mostly sunnier!) times:
Spring in Berkeley // Gorgeous sky one morning last week
Rainy times at the bus stop in Berkeley // Yummy vegan Thai food

Stop ahead while you can // sunny Berkeley on Thursday // Sunset @ 4th & King (a block from my house)

Majorly HUGE LEEKS in my CSA box this week // Leeks in White Wine  (try this, please try this, its amazing!)

And just in case you aren't sick of pictures of flowering trees yet ...

MOAR Spring in Berkeley 

...there's some more for ya. Happy Sunday, I hope yours is sunnier than mine! 


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