Snapshots from a happy life

What a week this has been. Ridiculously strange, busy and full of unexpected events. I can't really go into that stuff here, but suffice it to say it has not been an average week in the Gregory household.

I tried to take a lot of phone photos this week to remember the little details, and the vividness of life as we rocket toward spring. I certainly don't mind life being interesting and unpredictable, but it's exhausting, and after a blur of a week, I'm looking (& feeling!) worse for wear.

Here are some photos from my (mis)adventures late this week. Hopefully they can make up folr the lack of overall substance in my writing tonight, because my I seem to have lost my brain somewhere today & the last thing I need are people leaving "Y U NO WRITE GOOD?" comments. I'M TIRED, DEAL WITH IT.


Anyway, photos.


spring flowers at yerba guena gardens
yerba buena fountain #2

1.  roof 2. me, elevator; 3. roof at sunset 4. elevator buttons.

SF at night // the doors at The Iron Cactus are prepped for boozers next weekend

King Street, SF at night // Believe it or not, this was an ad for a Mini Cooper!

Venus & Jupiter in the night sky; grainy image of the bowling alley the night before it opened


I worked all day in spite of still being sick; we were exhausted from a sleep-deprived week and really not prepared for our race the next morning (more on that in another post, to come soon). But at least we had these two scenes to remind us what is really beautiful & important in the world:

Another beautiful rooftop sunset
throw pillows
I'm pretty amazed at the quality of photos I've been getting out of my phone lately. Hard work pays off, though if they announce Instagram for Android, I'll be the first one in the market to buy it.

That's all I got for this entry, at least. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!  


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