Snapshots from a happy life

Spring flowers
teriyaki tofu, rice noodles w/ soy sauce/ginger/garlic, & pearl couscous w/ lemon, peas & asparagus

California Poppies
L: Monday night, Twitter + Food Network |  R: Julie's Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Sandwiches (!) w/ coconut (!!!)

Edwards Stadium track, UC Berkeley
Not flattering, but me after a run; today's hairstyle. Loving the braid. I'm a real girl!

Poorly Photoshopped bees in the corner of my newspaper yesterday morning. Hilarious. 
Jeffy napping this afternoon <3
I love these cell phone dumps. They encourage me to take more photos of my life with my phone, and if there's one thing I've always, always been about, it's chronicling my life. Since I don't keep a personal diary anymore, and I want to rely on more than Facebook/Twitter for my life story (seriously), this seems like a pretty good way to keep track of the little things. 


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