Pinterest Wednesday

I'm feeling really off my game this week. Nothing seems normal or routine, yet it feels like nothing is actually happening, either. The big news today is that I've contracted, yet again, full blown laryngitis. I never recovered from being sick (twice) this year, and this is the latest bout. I'm sure running 4 miles last weekend didn't help things, but dammit, it was worth it.

I really would like to not be sick anymore, though, if that wasn't clear. And for someone who loves to yammer as much as I do, being mute is a dismal prospect indeed.

Also? It's still raining, and now it's raining hard.

Well, anyway, the point of all that was to preface this week's Pinterest images, because to me they all seem really disjointed and without flow, and the reason why is probably because I  feel disjointed and without flow. I think they're all really interesting images, though, so enjoy.



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