I am Tuesday's bitch: a post of lameitude

Its raining, it's pouring ... something something.

I'm having trouble coming up with words today. I'm busy and exhausted. And it's raining.

So, in conclusion, I guess this is going to be a collection of random thoughts:
  • I've spent the majority of today (and my life?) obsessing about my photography business. I want to make it so badly. I'm tired of having other people dictate my level of panic motivation, yet with social media and friendships and the stupidly incestuous industry around here, it's tough to avoid it. I want to enjoy building my career, and not have a few bad elements completely stressing me out. I don't know what to do. I work so hard, and I know it will pay off.
    It is already starting to. But I can't do it all, not right now, and I can't let myself be influenced by other people. I am a poor competitor.

  • On a more lighthearted note, I want to go bowling at the NEW BOWLING ALLEY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY HOUSE, and I want to go right now:
The shame of the bowling pin hat

  • I'm heading to a meeting in SF after work today for a potential engagement shoot. I really hope it works out (as I think I mentioned above, I need it). Cross your fingers for me. 
  • I can't wait to get to my nice warm home tonight with my sweet husband and snuggly cats. Zeke is seriously the softest, squishiest cat in the history of the world. 
  •  What do you want to see more of on this blog?
  • Oh look, this was last night on the way to the hardware store for CO2 bottles (for our SodaStream). The shoes are courtesy of my mother-in-law (by way of Ross, believe it or not!) & she actually is responsible for the socks, too. On the right, we have the post-daylight savings time sunset, which seems to actually be kind of sinister: 
Everyday life: thrilling!

Tuesday, somehow you have kicked my ass. But onward & upward, right? 


  1. I want to go to the new bowling alley too!!! :) I wanted to arrange my bf's bday there but they won't reserve lanes unless you do a private party. I still want to check it out though...

    1. I saw it was PACKED last night, including the private room ... I so want to do that sometime though I am sure it's super expensive!!


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