Flag Day: Uruguay (& Bavaria)

Oooh yay, it's time for another Flag Day! I get a little too excited about these posts. There are actually several flags that I'd like to show you today, but I'd really like to limit it to just one per week, so lets see how this goes. Do I have the willpower to hold back? Does anyone really care (no).

This week's flag has always been one of my favorites. It features many elements that I love in a flag: it's partially blue, it has lots of stripes, and it has a sun on it. Have you guessed yet? If you watch a lot of soccer or have spent time in South America, you might have: it's Uruguay.

Source: Wikipedia

Actually, I just realized that you probably already "guessed" the country by the title of this post. Geez. I am really a smart one, aren't I? Maybe I should rethink how I name these posts...anyway.

Uruguay's flag is just plain pretty to me. There's not really another reason why I like it. The sun is multidimensional, has a face (do any other flags have a sun with a face?), and the blue strips simply represent the 9 departments (I assume this is similar to states) in the country. Interestingly, apparently there were originally 17 stripes, but this was reduced to 9 via an 1830 law. I also assume that the number of states wasn't reduced at this time, so why the extra stripes at first? Artistic license?

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

OK, so I said I would only show you one flag, but I have a non-country flag that I'm really loving right now (that I just discovered) and I want to share it with you. It's the flag of Bavaria in Germany:

Source: Wikipedia

I LOVE THIS FLAG. OH MY GOODNESS. NEED I SAY MORE?! And, of course, because this flag is German, the exact RGB hex codes are included in the Wikipedia entry. Love.

Have a wonderful Friday, internet. I'm going to go enjoy a productive day off now. 


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