Flag Day: Macedonia

Happy Friday! I've been wanting to share this flag for a while, since it's a) probably one you don't know, and b) one that always makes me happy. You may have noticed that I'm a sucker for bold colored and happy flags, which makes a lot of sense when you consider who I am and what I'm all about as a person. This one may actually hurt your eyes to look at too long, though! In a good way.

Today's flag comes from Macedonia, which is part of the former Yugoslavia. I of course knew that Macedonia existed, but do admit to knowing next to nothing about it beyond that. As it turns out, Macedonia has been quite controversial! Did you know that it has been caught up in a naming dispute with Greece since the early 90s? This flag has existed only since 1995 and apparently offended many of the traditionally conservative Macedonians with its brightness (but hey, after a referendum it was approved by a majority, so I guess they really did like it):

Source: Wikipedia

Actually, and after doing further research, those "conservative Macedonians" might have been upset because this flag was not their first choice. The nation's first sovereign (post-Soviet) flag was another casualty of their ongoing dispute with Greece. Here was their first (preferred) flag:

Source: Wikipedia

I know I'm not Macedonian, but I really love the new flag. It may lack the understated nature of the original flag, but it has action! and who doesn't love action!?

Have a wonderful Friday. And feel free to comment, especially if you're Macedonian.


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