Flag Day: Kiribati

It's time for another edition of my new series flag day. I am a huge flag nerd, and since I know that 99% of the population probably thinks this is weird, I feel compelled to share my knowledge and flag nerdery with you, hoping that it hits even one person on the same level. That, and I just really enjoy sharing the things I'm passionate about with the internet.

Today's flag comes from a country I honestly didn't know anything about until last month. Have you heard of Kiribati? It's an island nation in the Pacific, containing some island chains you may have heard of: Gilbert Islands, Line Islands, etc. Christmas Island is in Kiribati, and the island where Amelia Earhart might have crash landed is part of Kiribati (in the Gilbert chain). Basically, there's not a whole heck of a lot out this way, but that kind of makes me want to go there....if you know what I'm saying.

Flag of Kiribati (source: Wikipedia)
Kiribati's flag spoke to me the first time I ever saw it. I'm a huge sucker for flags that invoke the sea, and it was obvious to me that this nation (whatever it was) was located in the Southern Hemisphere, because of how the ocean was took up such a large portion of the lower half of the flag. I may have ultimately guessing on that, but I had a hunch.

That's not the coolest part about this flag, though: the coolest part is the frigatebird flying in the sky. Animals on flags are awesome to begin with, but a beautiful sea bird ... that's just plain fantastic.

Frigatebirds are a type of pelican, and they're gorgeous:
Frigatebird (Source: Wikipedia)

Someday I would really love to live in a place that holds the sea so dear that its flag is an ode to it. And ultimately, that's why I really love the flag of Kiribati. 


  1. I love that there is a country named Kiribati! My daughter is going to be all up in this being named KIRI and everything


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