Farmers Market Saturday

This morning marked the first time I've pulled myself up by my bootstraps and made it out to the farmers market on a rainy Saturday. I've always been annoyed with myself on the rainy days I've stayed home, telling myself that it's hypocritical to want to move back to Oregon so badly, yet puss out in the rain here, and I think that self-criticism is totally valid. Today was the day: I went out in the rain.

And? It wasn't bad, of course. I just had to prepare a little more, and pay more mind to the state of my camera than anything else (I know how little water it takes to screw up a DSLR, believe me). It isn't windy, thank goodness, so I was able to control my surroundings as much as possible. It just ... wasn't bad. The coolest part was how everybody at the market, from vendors to patrons, were moving slower, getting there later and setting up later and generally just like me. It was really neat to feel that sense of collective slowness brought on by the weather. Unity, felt very universal.

Here are some shots from this morning's market. Today has been a wonderful day.


 Oh, and if you were wondering where the gulls were hanging out this week? This dude & his kid had the entire group of 'em covered this week. I couldn't compete with a loaf of bread, duh:

And, this week's haul:

 Ah, weekends. So lovely. 


  1. What beautiful shots! Breathtaking. Brave you for taking your camera out in the rain! Maybe because I am a total amateur, I am terrified of taking my DSLR out into the elements. But there are so many beautiful shots to be had, even when the sun is hiding!

    1. No, you AREN'T an amateur for being terrified -- as someone who has had their camera ruined before due to moisture, I was terrified too! I just had to be disciplined about it. I had to always cover the camera when I wasn't taking a shot (I used a bag, and my jacket, sacrificing my own dryness). I also had a backpack that I put it in while I was making my way to the market and back. I took far fewer shots than normal but it was worth it. Thank you so much for your comment <3


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