Farmers Market Saturday

Well, "fake summer" is here, and it seems to be relatively on time; every year in March it seems like we have a week or so of ridiculously hot, nice weather in the bay area. It's enough to tide everyone over until real summer arrives (August or September, usually). Given our odd weather pattern this year, I wasn't sure what to expect come March, but hey there mid 70s, how are you? Wanna go out on a date? 

As you can imagine, the weather made my trip to the farmers market even more awesome this morning. I had a great time; the amount and variety of spring veggies hitting the market increases every week now. I actually happened upon a frenzy at the avocado stand; I was lucky to get my 3 Hass avocados for $5.50 before they all sold out! The crazy part is that this was only one hour after the market opened.

Today I also had a repeat encounter with a flock of seagulls (and I ran, I ran so far away...just kidding). And I am so, so sorry but most of what I'm about to show you either contains daffodils or seagulls. And really, if you know anything about me you'll just shake your head and say it's totally typical, and what else were you really expecting from a weirdo like me, anyway? Seriously.

Enjoy today's market photos! I hope you enjoy the seagulls. Really.






The new light fixture in the bowling alley opening across the street from our house next week! So exciting!

Potatoes, avocados, spring onions, asparagus


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