Achieving Stuff: March

Some beautiful February fake summer action @ Yerba Buena Gardens

Another month has passed us by. Amazing. I had a pretty incredible February! I was so busy with photo stuff that I barely had time to catch my breath. And now here we are, and it's March. How did I do last month on all those goals I had? Let's find out.

February goal recap:

  • Post a wedding photography ad on CL every day — I did this perfectly, and actually became a bit obsessive about Craigslist ads in February. I'm going to keep doing this; I haven't actually gotten any jobs from it yet, but I've gotten quite a few inquiries, so I need to keep at it.
  • Go to the farmers market every Saturday — I went almost every weekend in February, only missing one. Now that spring veggies are showing up, I have extra extra motivation to make it. The trouble is that I got really, really busy over the Presidents Day weekend, and budgeted my time badly, so I'll be sure to budget that time better going forward.
  • Run at least 2, preferably 3x per week  — I didn't run as much as I wanted to in February, but I ran enough to do what mattered, which was my first 5k, in a reasonable time. I'm planning on running more in March, and I have another race coming up to keep myself motivated.
  • Finish cleaning my desk area — Failure.
  • Do another magazine purge — Another failure, but Jeffy ruined a ton of magazines this month (I had to throw them out as a result) so it's not the biggest deal that this didn't happen.
  • Go to sleep early & get up early — Particularly in the last 2 weeks of February I did a great job at this, but early in the month I was Miss Nocturnal again. Gotta stop winning that title.
  • Clean out/organize my dresser — I cleaned out 2 of my 6 drawers this month. Baby steps? 
  • Stay healthy and don't get sick — I unfortunately did get sick earlier this month, with a horrible cold that my coworkers gave me, but I've recovered now & am committed to staying that way.
  • Keep the house clean — We've done pretty well this month, but could do much better day-to-day. I'm not really satisfied with the level of cleanliness right now, which means Scott is probably disgusted by it.
  • Get astronomical at least once this month  — Failure. That is really sad to me.
  • Spend less on groceries — I didn't track my spending or meal plan but I really tried to spend less.

All in all, pretty good, though obviously there is room for improvement (isn't there always?). I am really bummed about not making time to use the telescope in February. March weather better cooperate, because TELESCOPE TIME is being scheduled this month!

So, it's that time again.

March goals

  • Make a dent in my 30 before 30 list — This is a really important one. Some of the items on the list are going to be really fun to do, like the Marine Mammal Center Run on the 10th, or Sunday Streets on the 11th (renting a bicycle!), but others won't be as fun, and I need to do those, too.
  • Finish cleaning out my dresser — No more stalling!
  • Finish cleaning my desk area — See above. No more stalling!
  • Go up on the roof with the telescope at least once this month — I'm scheduling a time for Scott & I to do this. If things are on our calendars we're significantly more likely to do them.
  • Go on a hike somewhere in the city — I'm thinking Lands End with Scott this month.
  • Complete the 30 days of lists blog challenge — More on this later, but it's going to be fun!
  • Go to the farmers market every Saturday —Yes. Just, yes. How could I possibly resist? 
  • Go to sleep early & get up early — I want my goal work hours to be 7:30am-4pm.
  • Run 2x per week — Because I just feel so much better when I do & I want to be in shape.
  • Stay healthy and don't get sick — This is particularly important now that I have no sick time!
  • Keep the house clean — I want to build on last month's progress. 
  • Magazine purge / downstairs drawer purge — I just did this recently but it should happen again.
  • Plan my art show in June — This needs to get nailed down in March.

What do you want to achieve in March?


  1. Crap! I turn 30 in like 4 months! I don't even have my list finished!

    1. I kinda made it up on the fly. Do it! Definitely include "give birth to an AMAZING baby" on there :)


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