30 days of lists: 19 + 20

Holy cow, how have another two days passed me by? I truly am losing time these days.

These lists gave me time to think about two subjects I'm already thinking about a lot: my day job, and my happiest memories. I don't think I'd ever stopped to write down the things I wish I could get out of my day job that I currently don't, and it proved a worthy exercise, one that I will carry with me into the future. And as for the other list? There's never a time where it's not worth thinking of your happiest times.

I hope this has been a wonderful Tuesday for all of you out there in internetland. I had a decent day; after work, I picked up my negatives from the Lomography Gallery SF store & saw my totally straight out of High Fidelity Lomo teacher (seriously, he's hilarious), went to Whole Foods, came home & prepped a kick-ass Taco Tuesday complete with homemade guacamole with local avocados (which I've determined are the most amazing thing in the universe; more on that in another entry) ...but I'm exhausted now and very much ready to watch some crude cartoons & go to bed! And also, I realize that this paragraph is green but you know what? I like it that way. So there. 


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