Tuesday, wearing Monday's clothes

...how scandalous, right?!

Today, I lost my wallet. Yes, it was dumb. I left it sitting on the seat of the BART train I boarded around 8am. I knew it was a bad idea to try to keep my transit card in my wallet, but after losing my 3rd card a few weeks ago (it had been floating freely in my purse), I had to try something different. I always kept the card separate from my wallet because of a fear of losing the wallet; dare I say ... at least I know myself well? This is, I'm afraid, both a blessing and a curse.

You should know right now (and perhaps you already do, if we're Facebook Friends), that this story ends well: I got my wallet back, totally in tact, and my compassionate boss didn't even make me use my vacation time to cover the nearly three hours I was gone retrieving it.

I was so, so lucky that the person who found it was a kind man, a man on a business trip from Illinois, a good midwestern man who wasn't a bitter, jaded citydweller. He found my wallet, a stop after I had transferred, took it with him to his office in Concord, looked up my name on the internet, found my phone number (this is why it's great to put your phone number on the internet, people!) & called me. I was so, so grateful that he took the time to do this for me! I had to take time out of my day to go to Concord & back, but that was a very small price to pay compared to the horror of losing my wallet.

So yes. Life: it's unpredictable, and awesome, and always teaches you to be responsible & grateful:



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