Take chances!


I take a lot of chances in life. I find that when I don't, I always end up with regrets, because the only thing holding me back is fear and anxiety. I try very hard not to let those things drive my life. I also find that—at least for me—while the vast majority of the chances & risks I take blow up in my face, don't work out or prove to have been otherwise poor choices, those missteps provide crucial life lessons, and beyond that, they make the rare times when those chances pay off and where things actually do go exactly as I hope they will, so, so much sweeter.  Without the bad, the good means much less.

I've been reflecting on this in a more general way recently, too. I'm turning 30 in just four short months.  Luckily, as I reflect on my 20s, all I can think is that I sure packed a lot of awesome, amazing life into those ten years! Tons of stories to tell later, which is ultimately, I think, what your twenties are for. ;)  But really, though. I think I've packed a ton of adventuring, crazy bad decisions, wild nights & passionate beauty into my 20s, more (dare I say) than the average bear. I have no regrets about my 20s, a thought that seemed unthinkable last year or two years ago, when I started freaking out about the end. I'm actually totally cool now with turning 30. I feel like I'm more in the drivers seat of my life than I've ever been. I'm done with the petty drama of adolescence (and, sigh, 20s) & I'm ready to just do it.

I feel on the brink of something incredibly magical right now. I haven't felt that way in a very long time, and never so confidently as I do now. In the past, when I've faced earlier precipices, there has been a tangible element of fear involved, too. This time? I don't feel that fear. And it's awesome.


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