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One of my February goals was to go take a bunch of photos of spring as it emerged in Berkeley. I finally got a chance to do that on Wednesday, and wow, it was really well timed. I caught the daffodils at their zenith, and I've actually never seen as many grape hyacinth in bloom in the usual spot I go to, as I did on Wednesday.

Our "fake summer" continues today (much to poor Scott's chagrin ... he's stuck in a house that gets up to 90 degrees on a 70+ day outside), so here are some photos of life in Northern California. I'd say this should make you jealous, except I know that most of you out there haven't had a real winter, either.

My brain is now fully foggy with the blossoms and heady life of spring. I know that the warm weather is troubling, and I'm a bit worried about another drought this summer, but my head likes sunshine ... a lot ... so for now, I'm going to try to silence the doomsday voices in my head, and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Tomorrow is Friday, had you heard? I'm in the thick of 5 days of photo shoots, so busy I'm stressed to the max and am going to need to go on a long run tonight just to work off some of the steam that's building up. I just have to try to remain calm and realize I am doing what I want to be doing, what I love, and I am perfectly capable of doing everything on my plate the next few days. Deep breaths, deep breaths.


  1. The daffs look gorgeous--I planted 1000 bulbs in the fall and THEY BETTER ALL SHOW UP THIS SPRING!

    1. I really hope you get a wonderful patch of flowers this spring!! Someday I want to have my own yard (NOW) and I will plant SO many bulbs :D


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