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This will definitely be the "good eats" edition of this series. I've been really enjoying food lately; believe it or not, I do go through phases with food, and I am either cooking all the time, or not really interested in cooking at all (ie, get me to The Iron Cactus for a burrito bowl with tofu!). Thankfully (or not?), not only are we really broke (and thus can't afford to go out for food), I'm in a "cooking phase" right now. And oh, it's been good.

Here's some of what I've been making/eating lately.

Oh white bean stew, I love you so

Last Wednesday, the day Scott returned from his business trip, I was feeling celebratory and decided to make one of my all-time favorite dishes—white bean stew with biscuits. I got this one from Ohdeardrea, but it's adapted from a recipe that originally appears in Veganomicon. Drea made some changes to the recipe that I fully endorse. To view Drea's recipe, click here, and do try it if you can ... it's my favorite comfort food ever, and I can't wait to make it again. Yum.

L: a well-deserved glass of sav blanc. R: whole wheat shells w/ chard-tomato marinara

I had this glass of wine right before a shoot on Friday that I desperately needed to relax during. Fortunately for me and my partners in the shoot, it totally did the trick. I was at a place called Cafe Flore in the Castro district of SF; I recommend it, the wine was great & the staff was so friendly.

On the right is the delicious whole wheat pasta I made yesterday afternoon. The marinara sauce is homemade, and included the wonderful chard I got in my CSA box, as well as garlic, red onion, celery, fresh marjoram + thyme + rosemary ... it was just ... heavenly. I was really craving both pasta and chard (did you know it was even possible to crave chard?) so this really hit the spot.

Saturday brunch; DIVINE. 

On Saturday, after my trip to the farmers market, I made a really special brunch for myself: broiled asparagus, which had been covered in local olive oil, salt & pepper (and yes, as usual when I broil, I set off the fire alarm); wasabi/ponzu chickpeas a la Vegan Yum Yum (SO FREAKING GOOD); and home fries with garlic, red onion, rosemary salt, pepper, red pepper flakes & green garlic (!). It was so, so good, and actually quite balanced! Seriously, best breakfast ever.

What have you been eating lately? 


  1. I have been eating too much meat lately... seriously my body is not liking me for it... your food all looks yummy! And the new layout, LOVE!

    1. Thank you Emily!! <3 I have been really inspired lately by the changes you've been making in your life. Oh, and last night I went out to shoot a fancy event & I ate 2 of their fancy pants 5 star hotel sliders (it was the only food I was allowed to eat at the event). So yeah, it was tiny, but it was still meat+cheese. Oh man, it was good. That cow must have been made of gold, seriously! :P

      Is spring springing near you yet? You need to get thee to a farmers market, STAT!

  2. You eat so well! I've been into bowl meals lately - grain, protein (meat or beans), veggies, and spices. Recent favorite is lemon couscous with chick peas and carrots.

    1. Ooh, that sounds good!! I am a huge couscous fan :D

      I also love bowl meals. I've kinda transitioned out of my soup phase for now (I say, as I eat soup for lunch...) -- I've been eating SO MANY TACOS lately its ridiculous. It's the standby. The go-to. SO GOOD, SO EASY. ;)

      Last week I made tacos that had a black bean filling, and I sauteed the black beans in olive oil with garlic, onion & diced daikon radish. It worked out really well even though Scott was initially skeptical! That's the great thing about tacos; to me, anything goes. I also topped the tacos with lettuce & diced mushrooms. Mushrooms on tacos are actually really good, who'd have thought?

  3. You should totally do it! I love reading about people. It reminded me of LJ, too! :)

    That whole wheat pasta dish.. looks.. amazing!


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