Snapshots from a happy life

I forgot to mention in my "goals" post for February that I absolutely must take hundreds of pictures of spring this month, and that includes taking many trips to "daffodil hill" near my place of employment. Cell phone shots of daffodil hill are nice (see below) but just aren't going to cut it:

the daffodil, the daffodil!

Here are some other snapshots from life, lately:

Dinner after a rough day: very veggie chili w/ a side of veggie rolls (surprisingly vegan!)

My awesome new running shoes
last night: roasting Brussels sprouts

5th street
whole wheat shells w/ mushroom marinara sauce (mmmm)
There's just something about neon

This weekend is going to be great! I have a feeling. I love having a feeling, because even if it's just a self-fulfilling prophecy, who cares? It's still a great weekend. Saturday plans include hanging out with Amanda in an outdoor locale (hiking! photographs!), and Sunday plans include going on a run (with me, myself & I) and watching the Super Bowl with my darling husband. What are your weekend plans?


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