Notes From Sickbay

1. Wicked Witch goes to deposit checks; 2. Jeffy: destroyer of worlds; 3. Sunset from the roof; 4. HEY RED; 5. Zeke, doing what he does best (sitting in filth); 6. Wicked Witch goes to the pizza place to pick up lunch.

Yes, it's true: I'm sick.  This is only the second time this winter, but still. Totally lame! I knew I was screwed about a week ago, when I went for a 3.6 mile run and felt like total crap for the rest of the day. Every day after that, I woke feeling slightly less well. Add to this that half my floor at work has been sick and out of work last week & this week, and it seems my fate was signed, sealed, delivered.

I stayed home from work today & probably will on Thursday, too. My chest is in pain, my cough is nasty I definitely fit the criteria for being contagious. I hate missing work, and I hate that I feel terrible, and I hate that this is so close to my race; but I've been doing everything right, so I can't blame myself. There are only so many germs (in volume) that I can avoid before one gets me, and working at a university in the winter means I'm exposed to all manner of illnesses. Lucky me.

At any rate, today I got dressed & left the house to run errands, only to catch a view of myself in a window and realize I was channeling Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus books. Why yes, stripes and polka dots and crazy red hair do go together, thank you! I also had an element of Wicked Witch going with the tights/shoes combination, something people never fail to point out. Whatever, universe. I rocked this outfit and unwashed hair all around my 'hood at lunchtime, with no shame. Work it.

Thanks to all of you who read yesterday's epic tome. I really appreciate it. Somehow I got around 120 page views yesterday, which is about triple the average if I'm posting every day. I haven't been able to figure out exactly where it came from, but I appreciate every visit & every read. Not sure how I can top that post, but I'm sure I will eventually, and it probably will involve food. Thanks again everyone!  


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