Monday, Monday

Well, today was Monday. It was fairly typical (lots of working) and left me totally wiped out tonight, unable to really think. Let's remember the weekend, doesn't that sound great?

1.  Primo Patio Cafe (best after-run lunch EVER);  2. dried beans for my Super Bowl chili; 3. My new red hair; 4. My new red hair, just after running 3.6 miles (!), in the mirror at Primo Patio; 5. Yellow mugs at Primo Patio; 6. White bean, romanesco & green cabbage soup on Saturday night; 7. "Mog Thai" (rice noodles, marinated fried tofu, broccoli, cabbage); 8. two hipsters hipstering; 9. a gorgeous Super Bowl Sunday in SF, as seen from the roof of my building

That's pretty much all I've got right now. We're just sitting around watching Parks & Rec, eating leftover chili and existing in our pajamas. It's going to be an early night. 


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