I'm feeling a bit chili

Last night: leftover chili spectacular w/ homemade sourdough & Longboard Lager (Kona Brewery)

Last night we started in on the leftovers from the Super Bowl chili I made Sunday. I actually used a "spice pack," which is something I almost never do, because I was looking for a new taste to my chili. I bought a bag of Frontier Soups' Michigan Ski Chili Mix & basically only used the beans & the spice pack—I didn't follow the recipe at all. Instead of meat, I added garlic, onion, broccoli, some cabbage & a bag of green peas. I also added 12oz of beer instead of red wine, & I had to add a bunch of water to make up for the extra ingredients (on top of the veggie stock I used). I topped my chili w/ green onions from the farmers market.

This is one of the spiciest chilis I've ever made, and last night my nose was running down my face all through dinner. Some beer helped, but to be honest, not much! The good news/bad news is that I'm going to be eating leftovers until at least Thursday. I love chili, but man, it's like the pot keeps refilling itself without my knowledge!

But here's where you come in: I want your favorite chili recipe! Post it in the comments! Link to it! Whatever! I want to know why you love it, and why I should make it. Feel free to post recipes that are vegetarian or omnivorous—your favorite is your favorite. Please share with me & maybe (hopefully) I'll make your recipe!


  1. Told ya you'll quickly use up those beans ;)

    1. Yes! Except that now I have literally a metric ton of chili to eat ... though that's not REALLY a problem. ;)

  2. This is my favorite:


    Instead of meat, I add a can of garbanzo beans and a package of fresh mushrooms.

    I think the secret is in the tomato juice instead of adding water. As with most chilis, it's better the second day.

    1. 5 bean + mushroom: that sounds SO good. I'm going to try this one! :D

      The one I made on Sunday got so unbearably spicy the second day -- I felt like such a wimp.

      Thank you for this <3


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