Five and a half

1. Monterey Bay Aquarium quote; 2. Me after petting bat rays; 3. Monterey Bay; 4. spring in Berkeley today; 5. Vegan lunch included with my catering order at work today--it was SO good!; 6. more spring in Berkeley today.

All I can say is thank goodness I'm finally starting to feel even marginally better than I did last week. The race (the 5k!) is in less than a week, and I have a lot of exhaustion to make up for / house to clean / wedding photos to edit / miles to run before I sleep. See what I did there? Yeah. I bet you did.

I also bet you want to see a larger version of the vegan lunch I got from the caterer I used this week at work. And if you don't, then too bad, because I'm seriously in love with it:


That salad on the right with the lima beans was AHHHHMAZING.So were the carrots, and the beets .... mmmmm. I've never had a caterer go to the trouble of doing all this for me before, and it ended up being way better than the actual catered lunch. Ridiculously tasty, and healthy, and enjoyable. By the way, I don't name my employer on the internet, but the caterer I used was Poulet, in Berkeley. Go give them business!

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day. That said, I don't judge those who are, nor those who are vehemently against it. I just think it was created to make people spend money, and it has the added bonus of making a significant amount of the population feel like shit, starting all the way back in kindergarten and persisting well into adulthood. What's the point?

I am really happy that Scott & I were able to relinquish celebrating Valentines Day after we got married. Our "half anniversary"  (6 months between anniversaries) just coincidentally falls on February 14th. Yes! Now that, to us, is a much more joyous & meaningful occasion.

Today marks 5.5 years since we said "I do" and "can we have some booze now?" on our amazing private beach in Moloka'i, Hawai'i. It's really hard to fathom how much time has passed. If 5.5 years have gone by in the blink of an eye, then .... it's all going way too fast. I could never spend enough days with Scott, let me make that clear; eternity is the only acceptable choice to me. At this point, 5 and a half years married and almost 8 years since we officially got together, we are so joined at the soul (not to mention the hip) that we can often no longer distinguish the two as distinct from each other. Of course there are those ways in which we are complete polar opposites, but on a spiritual level, we are joined completely. I cannot imagine life without him, and I am so grateful for our incredible relationship. I want infinity more years. 

August 14th, 2006

Yeah, today's a good one. Happy 5.5, Scott. Now lets go back to Hawai'i, mmmmk?


  1. Wow, that vegan lunch looks delicious. I think I need more lima beans in my life.

    1. And edamame, which is what I think they actually were. My brain has totally died on me this week :(


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