Weekend recap: sunbreak edition

l. sun flare on 4th & howard 2. daisies in yerba buena gardens

We've been having a lot of (much-needed) rain around here, but on Saturday the skies (sort of) cleared, and I was able to venture out into the wild for a way overdue meetup with my friend Amanda.Our meeting place was Samovar Tea Lounge, which (if you hadn't heard) serves the best chai in the universe. It was a cold day outside, so the place was packed; but the price (& the company) was right. It was great to catch up & reconnect, and I really mean that on all sorts of levels.

double chai
Snapped while waiting for a table. Yeah, it's a beautiful location.

I walked home after running some errands in the neighborhood, and found all of this beauty. I really do love San Francisco. It has been my home since 2000 and I can't imagine having spent these years anywhere else.
Daisies--my favorite!--outside of the tea lounge
My awesome rainbow flowing skirt ... a bit too cold for  this, as it turned out.

I am a bit enamored with this shot, I admit. Thanks, 4th & Howard.

By Sunday morning, it was raining again, every football game went the opposite of how we wanted it, and we stayed inside the house all day and didn't even attempt to leave. All in all, it was a lovely weekend!


  1. It really is the best chai ever! So much fun <3


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