I've got some catching up to do

And now for an awesome Tebowing moment (here)
I can't think of anything to write about. I feel really discombobulated, out of sorts, not quite right. I can't get back to normal life because though everything looks the same after my mother-in-law's accident last weekend, nothing feels the same. At least not to me. I know she's reading this (hi Mom!) and I am still so grateful that she is bouncing back so quickly, but the future feels uncertain right now, and life has a surreal quality to it. And here I thought life was just going to keep on as it had been, and that I was actually in control of any of it; ha! The universe always seems to have these ways of reminding us when we start to get complacent or cocky in everyday life!

And, of course, my birthday twin/soul sister Rebecca Woolf of Girl's Gone Child gets a similar point across in her most recent post, where she muses on the aftermath of nearly being hit by a car last week:

"For whatever reason, it felt like one of those game-changing moments. But only because everything stayed the same. I was fine. I went back and got the same smoothie the next day, this time with both babies. Crossed the same intersection. Felt time surround me like a sort of god-like enterprise. Because that's what time is: an invisible government, every moment a newly elected president of presence. Seconds distinguish us from death, happiness, fear... The clock is always right and we are always against it. Every day, time hooks us up, pulls us back, guides us forward. Whether we insist on walking, driving, riding a unicycle along an electric line... We're all just a bunch of weirdos trying to get from one side of the street to the other, safely, or at the very least, more enlightened." — from Liner Notes 1.17.12

But on to better things, because life is too short to dwell on all that stuff up above, & besides, I stayed home to recuperate yesterday & managed to take a few pictures, and I want to talk about food. Hooray food!

Yesterday, in need of some comfort food without leaving the house, I decided to make chickpea patties based on those at ohdeardrea.I'd made these once before, but this time I decided to deviate from the recipe a bit, using only the vegetables I had on hand (seasonal!). They were fantastic, a great lunch for Scott & I yesterday, and my only regret is that I ate the last two for lunch today and now they're gone!

in the frying pan
out of the oven! don't they look fantastic?

Yesterday also involved hanging out with these guys (I got 2 of 3, Jeffy was being most uncooperative):

& here is a photo that will make you think I actually know how to do my hair, but I promise, it was actually way more janky (and Amber-like) than this picture makes you think. That's the power of photography! ;)

Well, this was a scattered post (can you tell I can't focus today?) but it was a post, and that's a step in the right direction. Is there anything you'd like me to write about here? Recipes you'd like to see posted? Questions you'd like to have answered? I am totally up for suggestions right now.


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