If you need me, I'll be in the panic room

2012 wedding ad, version 1Most, or nearly all, of you know by now that I'm a professional wedding photographer, and that Scott is my amazing second shooter (he really is amazing; in addition to taking great photos, he also puts people at ease during posed shots, bless his heart). Well, tomorrow we're shooting the largest wedding we've ever shot, and it's going to be a long day (10-12 hours). So the radio silence around here is self-imposed; I've been working all week with Scott to try to normalize sleep schedules, eat right & get all of our things ready to go.

I really love wedding photography; I cry at every wedding I photograph, and I love the joy of it all. That said, it's mind boggling to me how much goes in to planning every wedding, and I'm really happy (personally) that Scott & I chose not to go that route. I love sharing in the experiences that others have, because it allows me the opportunity to experience gorgeous weddings of all types, and weddings that were nothing like our Hawaiian "elopement" (both of our families gave their blessing & knew about it, but it was private). Given all that goes into these crazy affairs, it's a good thing many people know that photography is a most important element, and shouldn't be overlooked. If you spent that much time & energy designing your wedding, why wouldn't you want to immortalize it forever with beautiful photos? Every bride I've talked to, including myself, agrees that the actual day of your wedding is a huge blur of excitement and emotion. You don't remember a lot of the actual event that clearly, because your mind is running a thousand miles a minute. The photos will help bring it all back, all the magical detail and emotion you'd forgotten (plus all that you didn't see!). I love being the person entrusted with that duty. 

Anyway: tonight is the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, and after that I need to go shopping for a few items (batteries, a new 8GB compact flash card, wine), make a mind/body/spirit-healthy dinner(I'm thinking stir-fry), get my bags together, and go to bed as early as freaking possible. I'd love to fit in some meditation there somewhere, but I'm not certain there will be time thanks to our desperate need for sleep. I must remain centered, regardless, something that's been difficult this month.

I know that everything will work out; it always does, and we're creative professionals and all that. I do think that a bit of anxiety before an event like this is healthy; it means I'm invested in the process and concerned about doing a good job.

I can't wait to experience tomorrow. It's going to be a whirlwind of hundreds of guests. Hopefully I will be back to the blog on Sunday, especially considering how completely wiped out I'll be (ie, on the couch).


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