I refuse to title these posts with puns about things being "pinteresting"

It had been a while since I'd spent any time on Pinterest. Though that's probably a good thing, today I made up for that by looking for new inspiration. The images below inspire me from a graphic design perspective as well as from a "message" perspective, and I hope you can get something out of them, too.

I try really hard not to get too cheesy with this stuff, because .... well, have you seen the internet lately? It's overrun with cliched, eye-roll worthy garbage designed by angsty teenagers. While I was once an angsty teenager, I am not anymore, so I try not to be too embarrassing here. Enjoy.


  1. These are gorgeous, but I've gotta say--the misspelling on the first one IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! I don't care if it was INTENTIONAL and supposed to be "loose" rather than "lose", IT'S STILL DRIVING ME CRAZY!

  2. I know. It's actually--I'm not kidding--my BIGGEST SPELLING PET PEEVE. And yet, it is so beautiful other than that ..... it took me months and months to decide to post this because of that horrible spelling. Have a bunch of booze, then read it really fast -- you won't see the second O anymore!!


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