I miss summer.

Obviously I don't really miss the weather-y part of summer, since winter has so far bypassed the bay area this year (70 degrees on new years day? No snow at Tahoe? Problems), but I miss the laziness, the carefree idyll, the magic that permeates every aspect of summer. In summer, anything is possible, somehow. It's amazing how fast that feeling leaves us every fall, only to return the next summer.

Summer 2011 in Berkeley
I know it will be back soon enough, but as this Christmas tree crumbles in my house and we face all these months ahead, all I can say is that I can't wait not to feel so damn serious all the time. Thankfully, Spring is literally around the corner (I've already caught two trees blooming!), so at least we'll have a beautiful distraction. What do you miss about summer?


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