The Griddler (You know, Batman's nemesis?)

To give you all an idea of where my life is right now, this weekend I took a bunch of photos that I had planned on using in several blog posts, and I zipped them up last night and ... forgot to send them to myself before I left for work this morning (sadface). But then, I just remembered that I took some photos yesterday and did remember to put my CF card and card reader in my purse last night (yayyyyyy!). Oh, the roller coaster of life.

My mother-in-law gave Scott & I an awesome kitchen contraption for Christmas: it's a combination panini grill/indoor grill/griddle, and we've wanted something like that for a very long time! As I'm not eating meat or cheese and it's not summer, the chances of me making panini at this time of year are slim, but there was one thing I wanted to make first and foremost: pancakes.

I used VeganYumYum's recipe for Easy Weekend Pancakes, and I can verify that they are excellent. I don't even notice a difference from "traditional" pancakes, and I don't think Scott did either. Score!

Here, though, is the state of my kitchen during the process:

Yeah, things get precarious

Closeup shot of the griddle! 

Finished pancakes (w/ chocolate chips), doused in maple syrup

This was a really fun process. And the griddle was really easy to clean, a huge plus for this lazy chick. I am dreaming of all the interesting things I'll be able to make with this new appliance, but I'll admit it, I'm taking suggestions for vegan panini, grilled vegan stuff (other than just veggies/veggie burgers etc), & other items that might go well on a griddle. Ideas? Anyone? Bueller? 


  1. Pancakes or "Peencakes" as they are known in my house, can make any day brighter. :) These look great. I also highly recommend vegan cornmeal pancakes. You won't be disappointed:

  2. ohhh I want one so bad! Andy and I were gifted a George Foreman grill for Christmas so that's a nice start.

    I've had yummy veggie paninis before - just roasted a bunch of veggies and garlic.

  3. @April -- I am DYING right now laughing about "peencakes"!!! I miss you guys. Loved your Thailand photos, more on that later. :)

    @Amanda -- I have also heard about making "white bean paste" with garlic and such, that you spread instead of butter/cheese. Might have to try that!


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