Achieving Stuff: January

I thought it would be neat to have this blog become more interactive in 2012 And since we're all goal-oriented this year, the perfect way to start doing that seems to be vowing to keep track of monthly goals for 2012, like I did back in November to keep myself on track with getting my life together. Of course that all fell apart in December, but this is a new year! We can do it!

This is a few days late this month due to busy schedules, but here we go. I'll be doing another entry at the beginning of February admitting how I/we did (Scott will be joining in starting in February) and setting up goals for next month, and so on. Hopefully this will keep us on track and inspire some others out in Internetland to be more goal-oriented...because that matters to me. We should all be productive!

Amber's January Goals:
  • Register for a 5k — I've wanted to do this since 2011 but created imaginary impediments in my mind that prevented me from actually taking the plunge. 2012 is all about plunging. I'm not going to put pressure on myself for time, or even to run the entire way, but I need to get something going.
  • Clean out/organize my dresser — This has just gotten ridiculous and must happen.
  • Go to sleep early & get up early — This just has to be the case from now on. I'm not 21 anymore. Obviously I "get" to go to bed later when I'm out shooting late.
  • Stay healthy and don't get sick — Duh.
  • Spend less on groceries — Simplify. Make food last longer without compromising quality (much).
  • Shoot a fantastic wedding on the 28th — No fear, just awesome wedding photography!
  • Keep the house clean — By this, I mean don't let the house get super dirty during the week.
  • Get astronomical at least once this month  — We haven't set up the 'scope in a while.
  • Don't worry, be happy — I spend too much time overthinking things & it only hurts me.

What are your January goals?

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  1. These are great goals. One of my biggest goals this month is to clean out the baby clothes after I find out if I'm having a boy or girl! Either way, I will be keeping some stuff and donating other stuff, but I have saved everything (yes, EVERYTHING) from Zachary's babyhood and a lot of it needs to get out of my house!

  2. I need to write about the uhaul box in my room full of India & Asia mementos. Seven months of my life, in completely disheveled form. I feel like I won't move on till that box is gone. I'm aiming to be done by 2/14.

  3. @Karen -- That sounds like quite a goal. I am picturing massive mounds of stuff! It's not the biggest reason, but it is A reason, why I would NEVER be able to have a kid in my current place, or current city. I'd never have enough room for all the STUFF!

    @Whitney -- I can't wait to read it. I totally get what you mean. <3

  4. I organized my dresser! Finally dumped out all those dumb pants that ALMOST fit right and moved most of my can't-bear-to-get-rid-of-it-so-I'll-pretend-I-want-to-sleep-in-it t-shirts into the memory clothes box (freeing up my sleep drawer to contain actual attractive nightwear). If you figure out how to spend less on groceries without compromising quality, PLEASE pass on what you've learned. We hemorrhage money for groceries (and we don't buy too much crap); by far our biggest expenditure each month.

  5. @Kristine -- I seriously have issues. I got a new dresser this year and its way nicer than my old one (ie, not from Ikea), but its smaller, and we have such little closet space in my loft that everything pretty much has to go in the dresser ... and get wrinkled.

    As far as saving money on food is concerned, so far I am not off to the best start, as I am doing a "just don't go to the store!" thing where I try to last as long as possible on the food I have. I find that this is just an avoidance strategy that will ultimately backfire. I just LOVE FOOD! GOOD FOOD! :P So I totally understand. I will share any success I have in this area when & if I have it!


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