Snapshots from a happy life

I have to be honest: I'm really tired today. I don't have a lot of inspiration or energy. I've been sitting around watching football (GO BEARS!), but unlike many other days on my 2 weeks vacation, I've showered, did my hair and got dressed. Aren't you proud? I didn't think so.

Anyway, I've taken some really pretty phone pictures lately. Here they are:

1. A leaf in Berkeley.  2. My favorite tree on the UC Berkeley campus. It's right out of Harry Potter. 3. Yesterday's sky in SF. 4. More SF sky yesterday; simply beautiful! 5. My roof yesterday. 6. My slippers, which of course I am also wearing right now. 7. My roof, w/ giant building in distance (and neat sun flare coming off of it). 8. Jeffy. 9. My two tabletop Christmas trees. 10. City Life. 11. A last shot at the gorgeous weather yesterday. 


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