Radvent day 6: starting

Today's Radvent challenge is absolutely perfect for this blog.

I first started this blog as a place to document our family follies, and it still very much is that kind of blog. Over time, it became more about  "our domestic life" -- which it still is about. But since I am writing the blog, it's also perhaps inevitably become about my navigating the murky, often white-capped waters of the end of my twenties, and figuring out what my adult life is going to look like.

Today's challenge questions are exactly the types of questions I've been obsessing over for the last year, and will undoubtedly still be obsessing over for a while yet. Plus, these exercises are good for everyone:

My goal is to become a full time professional photographer.

In order to do that, I need to (in part):

  1. Have a fully formed business plan that I both understand and believe in
  2. Learn to market myself efficiently and effectively in ways that get me enough jobs to support my family (and, going back to the business plan: figuring out how many jobs that would be)
  3. Upgrade my gear to a 5D mk ii & lenses that aren't broken (be able to purchase a new 50mm f/1.4, a 35mm and an 85mm to round out my collection for weddings/portraits)
  4. Figure out a budget plan to purchase the above items & stick to it
  5. Gain the confidence to ask for what I'm worth, and market myself so that I actually get clients while asking for that investment
  6. Get those clients, make more money than I'm making at my day job, figure out how to insure my family, and voila! Success! 
...these things all seem very, very hard. They're things I've been struggling with for years (full disclosure). It's likely just lack of confidence ("just!") that's holding me back, but I'm really not sure how to triumph over it...yet. But as I already do know, there are small steps that can be taken now.

Today I've emailed the lovely bride for the next wedding we're shooting (January 28th) to see if we can get those engagements scheduled for sometime this month (contract negotiations are still ongoing, which is the reason for the delay in the first place). I really needed to take this step, though. Confidence.

If you're interested in participating in Radvent, visit Princess Lasertron!


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