Radvent day 19: identity

I've been in Boise visiting my grandma & uncle since yesterday. All I can think about right now is poor Scott back at home in SF, about to go through an unpleasant dental procedure. I just hope he is able to get through things with as little discomfort/fear as possible.

It is great to see family that I see all too rarely, and my difficulties accessing the internet have been made a bit easier after my uncle loaned me one of his tablet computers for the duration of my stay. I have to say, I love this computer! It's a Motorola, runs the Android OS (we are not an Apple family; I love that!), and I can do pretty much anything on it, albeit with a learning curve/adjustment period.

I go home tomorrow night already. I always get to the point in my visits here where I wish they could last longer, and I am already at that point. I have to figure out a way to come here more often, but money is beyond tight and flights here are so expensive. I need to come back soon though, as my grandma is 88 and I want to see her as much as I can in the time she has left on this mortal coil. In the meantime, I am enjoying this trip now, slept very well last night & am about to have a much-anticipated sandwich. I love the slow pace of life here.

Update: I finally got the internet working!

I'm lucky in that I've had many times in my adult life where I've felt especially happy or proud of myself. I really don't enjoy tooting my own horn for all to see, because I think there's way too much of that going on on the internet these days (to say the least). But here are a couple of examples:
  • Graduating from UC Berkeley with honors & Phi Beta Kappa after running away to SF after high school with no job, family support or life plan/skills/clue. This truly took a lot of determination, smarts & quite frankly, luck on my part. This was the first life dream I ever took control of and achieved, though the luck factor played a huge part, and I wasn't yet aware that I control my own destiny. Regardless, this is a huge accomplishment.
  • Shooting the Coachella & Treasure Island Music Festivals 2 years in a row. These are not things that most people can cross off their life lists, yet I've done each twice. As a concert photographer, these are kind of the holy grail, at least for people who also love music...and though I may not end up doing these again due to the prohibitive cost, I am proud of myself for hanging with the "big boys" of concert photography & proving I belong there with them.
  • Getting married & becoming a functional member of society. Believe me, if you knew me well, you'd realize how much of an accomplishment this is!


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