Radvent day 17: music

Uh oh. Today's Radvent challenge is music! I might have a bit to say on the subject, I admit...

Music has always been an important part of my life. Without music, the world would be a sadder place. I am a concert photographer, so obviously I must really love music, right? Right. I've dedicated the last few years of my life to photographing bands. I know a lot of music.

I am also a huge, major music snob. I'm sorry. I will try to only judge you in my head! I am a person who has always hated pop music--even when I was a teenager, which is when everyone listens to pop music. I hated it then, and I hate it now. I haven't listened to the radio willingly since 2002, and thank goodness for that, since I live in a city with the world's worst radio stations. If you ever had a reason to legitimately call me a hipster, my taste & attitude about music would be the reason why.

I grew up listening to oldies music, along with the stuff my mom would play: The Doors, The Animals, Meatloaf (yes, Meatloaf), Roxette (yeah!) ... she had eclectic taste, but Tina Turner it wasn't. As a result, I have a huge love for music of the 1950s/60s to this day, along with a massive knowledge of the lyrics (why couldn't my brain have remembered math, or homework, instead?).

I'm not a complete snob. I do enjoy LMFAO, and even Selena Gomez (I blame all of the gays I hang out with!), but that's about as popular as it gets. I hate to say this ... but when an artist gets really popular, I tend not to like them anymore. I know! I am a jerk! It's true. But those who already know me, already know this. :/

That said -- I truly think that I have good taste in music, and I try really hard to let everyone have their own taste. And finally, here are some of my favorite songs from 2011. A few of these are local SF bands, so please listen and enjoy! Let me know if you like it. 

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  1. Fitz & the Tantrums! I've heard "Moneygrabber" on XM radio and I liked it. I grew up listening to all my parents' 70s soft rock (James Taylor, Hall & Oates, Little River Band) and all the 80s music on pop radio, so that's my frame of reference!

  2. That's awesome, Kristine! I am actually friends with Fitz & co. and they are incredible. The real deal. They deserve every shred of success they get -- they've all been working their entire lives to get to where they are now :)


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