Radvent day 13: performing

I've been thinking all day about how I want to answer this.

In many ways, I eschew "playing roles," in terms of "traditional roles," but that's more a philosophy than it is a practice. That's kind of what this blog is about, actually. In my personal life, there are elements where I definitely don't fit into any mold of what a wife, partner, even a woman is supposed to be like.

But in other ways, particularly at home, I do play that role. In some ways, I am a very traditional housewife. I cook for my husband every night, I clean every weekend (well, Scott does too) & I always make Scott do anything that involves killing bugs, cleaning up something gross or doing almost anything that involves screwdrivers or other tools. I let him take the lead at restaurants, and he's always been the one able to afford nicer gifts for me than I for him. Somehow I don't ever mind that we have such traditional roles in these cases, though I do try to do all of these occasionally, just to prove that I can. I don't consider myself a hugely traditional person--maybe that's why I cherish the traditional roles I do have? I'm not sure.


Other thoughts:

  • I definitely think its important to be the director of your own life.
  • I also feel like part of my life is learning when to embrace being in the audience. 
  • In a literal sense, I used to be a performer (in high school theatre); my roles included drunks, whores & (my crowning achievement) Betty Parris in The Crucible. I loved acting back then. It tested me in every way, challenged me to move beyond myself; and I needed that so badly then.
  • I still enjoy being around performers of all types; they inspire me creatively & spiritually.
  • I still hate being labeled. Rules were meant to be broken. Know your role, then break out of it!  


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