O Christmas Tree!

On Sunday morning, I got into a rented Honda Civic, Scott in the passenger seat, and I drove to the Christmas tree lot. This was a monumental occasion mostly because it was the first time I'd driven since roughly 2007, and the first time since operation "get license before 30 or bust!" began 2 weeks ago.

The verdict? Well, I didn't crash the car or hurt anyone, so I think that's a huge success! Seriously, though, there was only one time where I felt I was truly screwing up & on the verge of an accident. It was on the left turn I'd been worrying about making all week. Go figure.

I know I have a long way to go, but Scott is an endlessly patient teacher & a great driver, so I know I'm learning from the best. Plus, he doesn't get rattled when I burst into tears the moment I park! Update: Scott has informed me that he does get rattled! OOPS.

Anyway. Scott & I been going to Delancey Street Trees ever since we got together 7 years ago (for more info on this wonderful organization and why we choose to buy our Christmas trees through them, please see this article), and this year the trees seemed better than ever. I felt strongly that this year we should downsize our tree for myriad reasons (cheaper, easier to deal with in the house, etc), but of course, the moment I voiced my intentions, the universe decided that it was not to be.

The tree we ended up getting is enormous. It actually is the heaviest/largest tree we've ever had, which I find incredibly amusing given how I went into the entire experience with my heart set on a small tree. But as they say, you don't pick the tree, the tree picks you, and this tree definitely felt like the tree.

Here are some photos from our trip to the tree lot & the aftermath at home:

Our tree getting trimmed on the chopping block

Carrying the tree out to the Honda Civic

Tied to the car

They gave me the cut-off branches to keep. This is what happened to them at home ... of course.

Bigtown loves my antlers!

Our tree is from Corvallis, Oregon - unsurprising!

The tree from the top of the stairs (right) -- in all its beastly glory! Also, Jeffy (upper right)


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