A New Years Eve (Eve) Meltdown, cured by salsa & salad

Hello, how are you, internet?

I have a confession: today I had a meltdown about the new year. I've been lucky these last 3 years in that I've always felt very positive about moving on to a new year, but earlier today, I realized that I don't feel ready at all to welcome 2012 tomorrow night. I had so much that I wanted to accomplish this year, and I don't feel I accomplished any of it. I'm not 20 anymore; I don't have time to lose a year like this, is what I keep thinking. I know I am prone to being really hard on myself, but this year has been ridiculous.

I've recovered a bit from the hours of crying I did earlier, though, and now I'm thinking about the party we're throwing tomorrow night; our 3rd annual Mad Men/Classy Cocktail NYE might look a little different than in years past, but we'll be spending it with friends, spirits & great food, so how could that possibly be bad? Answer: it will be as great as I set my mind to it being. Scott is already in full Party Planning Mode (he'll be making his infamous eggnog, as well as an apple cider pound cake), and though I must admit my "vegan finger food" ideas are still forming (24 hours to go), I did make an amazing black bean salsa this afternoon, and its currently meshing its flavors in the fridge.

This was the recipe I used, from The Pastry Affair's awesome blog:


So, I mean, after making a salsa like that, how could you possibly feel like crying? I sure didn't. I bought a couple of huge bags of local tortilla chips (Casa Sanchez from Santa Cruz, of course) & I've already had to hide everything so that no one gets into them before the party starts. And that goes for me as much as for Scott, by the way. I wonder what other treats I'll be making tomorrow?

I'm starting to think I should try Vegan Yum Yum's Avocado Wasabi Salad.

The possibilities really are endless! What are you doing for NYE? Are you cooking anything? Share your plans &/or recipes here, I'd love to see what everyone is up to. 


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