December, you look pretty this year

ohdeardrea First things first: we are thrilled to be a sponsor of ohdeardrea for December & January! This is our first foray into blog sponsorship, and it only makes sense that Drea's blog, where we've gotten endless inspiration for vegan cooking & healthy living, would be our first choice.

So make sure to check out her blog, you won't be sorry! She is a cool cat, she could encourage even the most vegetable-hating carnivore to eat better, and she also happens to have one of the cutest daughters (Marlowe) ever. Plus, if you like weddings, she's planning one right now, (you know who you are, wedding-lovers!).

 Oh! & the lovely pastel design bits in my header are courtesy of Jess at IROCKSOWHAT.

Secondly, the sun is shining right now and its unseasonably warm in San Francisco. I can't wait to get up super early tomorrow morning, turn on one of the last episodes of College GameDay of the year, get my coffee & hop on over to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Since I haven't been in several weeks, there should be some interesting seasonal changes afoot. Also, I hear there are sun dried raisins this week... mmmm, raisins.

There is little I enjoy more than starting the weekend off at the beautiful ferry plaza. It's he small things in life, it really is; that's something I understand more and more as I get older.

Since we were out of town last weekend (was that really only a week ago?), I know we're looking forward to spending time at home with each other, getting our lives back together (and our house!) as well as attending a concert on Sunday night (Peter Murphy & She Wants Revenge). I've also got a bunch of cleaning and photo editing to do, along with possibly photographing an event on Saturday night. To be perfectly honest, all I can think about right now is taking a nap; its been a long, strenuous week and sleep/naps haven't come easily.

OK weekend: lets do this!


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